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bitcoin investors
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Designed to instill trust and appeal to bitcoin investors, the home page is simple, clean and straightforward.


Data visualizations allowed users to understand their portfolio value, gains and losses and taxes owed.

bitcoin monitor

Currency trading history, bitcoin prices and the user's break even price are easily accessible in the bitcoin dropdown panel.


In the ledger, the user can see their transactions, fees and balances.

Transaction types are marked with color labels and users are able to annotate them.


The tax area is designed to let the user choose the reporting methodology best for them.


Emails were designed to coordinate the brand established by the website. Cheeky welcome graphics illustrated topics.

Who are

bitcoin investors?

They’re people working in tech and in finance. Some of them mined bitcoins the currency’s infancy and watched their value skyrocket. They are interested in strengthening the currency and see it as an investment vehicle. For security they often have their bitcoins spread across many different companies and need to see an aggregate view of their total worth.

They closely monitor bitcoin's volatility and check its trading price often. They are pioneers in the new currency, wading through market uncertainty and complicated taxes.

The Project

Redesign Coin Ledger, a ‘mint.com’ for bitcoin investors.


Allows investors to track their coins, follow the market and calculate their taxes.


Coordinating emails introduce users to features

Old design


Bitcoin investors using the old site reported that they did not have a clear separation between their portfolio's value and bitcoin's price value. The old site had a cluttered feel and users were dubious if the site was safe and could be trusted to have access to their sensistive financial information.

New design


Not being a bitcoin investor myself, I needed to do some research to understand their needs. I first examined how currencies worked so I could understand bitcoin's backstory. I then interviewed an investor and learned that it was difficult to mentally process bitcoin's currency conversion as there are tiny fractions involved (at the time of this writing, $1 roughly equals 0.0043 bitcoins). It was important to separate the user's portfolio value from bitcoin's trading price. To do this I designed a strong color bar at the top of the product to make the separation clear.

Bitcoin's price can vary dramatically minute to minute, and investors trading on this fact need to monitor price fluctuations and see trends at where they bought and sold. I designed a dropdown area where investors could access this information.

For the ledger, I interviewed an investor to determine the actions and categories that would be important to them. I designed a color coding system to tag transactions for ease of browsing.

Paying taxes on bitcoin investment is a major headache for investors, so making the tax page look and feel simple was very important.

Overall, it was important to make a design that felt simple, straightforward and trustworthy for investors. I kept that in mind in the design of the home page.