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product design that puts the user first

online shoppers
business leaders
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Four Elements for Ease of Use

Four Elements for Ease of Use
  • natural flow

    predictable page progression removes task friction

  • simple nav

    users find what they need faster when they have fewer choices

  • concise copy

    short, direct messaging means users have to read less

  • pleasing look

    a clean appearance minimizes distraction and makes the user feel welcome

User ( Not Device ) First

design for the use case rather than the case being used


Users are on the go

They are likely focusing on multiple actions at the same time (like walking, waiting or talking).

Design should let them do one task easily.


Users are browsing

They are focused and stationary. They don’t have the features of their laptops and aren’t expecting to use them.

Design should let them read easily.


Users are at work,
home, or on the go

They are in a meeting, on an airplane or on the couch. They have access to all their files but are looking at a smaller screen.

Design should let them feel organized within a rectangular space.


Users are at work

They are focused here many hours a day. They have the ability to use full features and the space to see it all.

Design should let them feel focused and organized within a large space.

User-Focused Approach

a rapid process that allows for user feedback and easy refinement

requirements, research, prototype, feedback, build, tweak, release, refine