an app to quietly help

passive job seekers
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the project

This project was a sketch to test the concept of a ‘Tinder for jobs’. The first task was to design a logo that inspired trust.


The app is designed to give a job seeker a quick and easy way to express interest in a job. The user is only shown jobs they are qualified for.


Each job has a different picture and color for differentiation.


The user is able to filter out jobs that do not meet their requirements for commuting, company type and perks.

for recruiters

Recruiters do much of the work at their desks. Therefore a desktop site was designed where they could create their postings and manage communication with interested candidates.

new matches

New matches are highlighted, which allow the recruiter to initiate a text conversation

landing page

A coordinating landing page would allow for sign ups while the product was built.

Who are

passive job seekers?

The passive job seeker is a skilled employee who is starting to feel that the next job is on the horizon. They are busy with their current job and do not have time to do a search, but would be open to new opportunities. They only want to see jobs that they are qualified for and ones that they'd leave their current job for. They are frequently contacted by recruiters - many times at inopportune times and for jobs they are not interested in.

The Project

Create a system that reduces prospecting friction for passive job seekers.


Starts visual design and branding


Allows seekers to qualify themselves and show interest


Allows recruiters to post jobs and contact prospects


Tests user interest while site is created

new design


To soften the outreach process for both the job seeker and the recruiter, simplicity and privacy had to be designed into the product. The app would automatically qualify a candidate by parsing their Linkedin profile. A seeker could browse through jobs with direct, easy to read details and show interest by clicking the checkmark button. They would be contacted only through text and only if they showed interest first .

The recruiter would have a streamlined process of adding jobs to the system through a website that guides them into creating an appealing posting with succinct details.

They would no longer need to contact potential candidates out of the blue as the system would show only people with real interest.

The landing page was designed to gauge job seeker interest while we tested out the concept.