a video hub for

online shoppers
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Tique website

A new destination for video shopping that includes a Joyus channel.

easy shopping

Users can watch a group of similarly themed products without refreshing the page. Shopping as entertainment.

product detail pages

Were implemented to make watching and shopping easy.

channel section

Products are grouped into infinite themes and categories.

Joyus channel

Allows Joyus to continue to serve its customers.

products page

Allows for a traditional ecommerce shopping experience, which allows customers to quickly find products.

embed player

The player is a shoppable form of native advertising...

embed player

... that is placed into publisher sites like Aol.com

Who are

online shoppers?

They are working people, aged 25-60 who use the internet to shop for the things they need. They are busy and don’t have the time or desire to visit shopping malls but still want the pleasure of curated product discovery, as well as an easy destination to buy gifts.


the company

Joyus was one of the first online stores to use short hosted videos to sell products, and the first to partner with large publishers like Aol to promote goods through an embedded shoppable video player.

The Project

Create an umbrella company for Joyus to increase consumer reach and redesign the experience to simplify video shopping.


Creates a neutral environment for many new types of products


Allows Joyus to scale to accomodate more customers and appeal to more publishers

Hub Site

Becomes a one-stop shopping destination that aggregates many channels


Allows shoppers to learn about and buy products on sites like Aol.com

old design


Joyus' old logo and branding were targeted towards older women, which limited its customer base. The site took several clicks for viewers to access video pages and the traditional ecommerce navigation required a lot of reading and comprehension.



The first task was to update the Joyus logo to a neutral gold tone, which elevated the brand and allowed for an immediate update for the site transition. Other brand refreshes included updated typographic system and updated color palette, which were implemented across the site and all videos.

Next, the product detail page design was updated to make viewing and shopping easier.

An identity for the new umbrella site, Tique (a shortening of 'boutique') was created to be harmonious with the new Joyus brand yet be neutral so it could work for many different future channels. The logo was a subtle reference to a replay button.

The design for the Tique hub allowed for products to be grouped by thematic channels and their videos watched uninterrupted, without a page refresh.

The Tique channels page allowed for products to be grouped into infinite categories.

The future Joyus channel.

An example of a travel-themed channel.

Customers who preferred to find goods through a traditional ecommerce path are able to in the products area.

The product detail page used in Joyus' transition would be seemlessly integrated into the Tique website.

The shoppable player embedded into publisher websites like Aol stands out yet complements many sites.